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    "I have attend a lot of social media classes, no one has ever broken it down to me like this before. Small business need applicable steps towards social media content creation."

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    Applicable steps and examples to start creating shareable content that will connect with your audience.

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    The goal for this ebook is to change the way you have been thinking about content creation.

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    This is not about going viral!

    Your business has to be in sight in order to be in the minds of your current or new customers.

    This ebook will give you directions and post ideas to start creating sharable content for your business.

    Marketing is a conversation, when someone tells and shows you something that positively impacts you, you are most likely to tell someone else about it.

    We don’t all belong in one community, we all have sub-communities that help shape who we are based on our interests, backgrounds, beliefs, and demographics.

    When we experience something that makes us laugh or adds to our lives, we tend to share that experience or information in one or all of our communities.

    This ebook makes content creation easy, people will start seeing the difference in your content as soon as you start applying the steps presented in the document.